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New Members? Shows/ Artists / Radio and Video Makers

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:49 pm
by Neon Transmissions
We will be adding new members to the collective. We are looking for international Radio/Video shows, broadcasts that deal with underground music some place between synth and punk including things like queer electro, mutant wave, synth punk, cold wave, post punk, minimal wave, obscure synth sounds, ndw, new beat, art punk, no wave, 8 - bit and chiptune, and more in that general mood. Post bellow if you are one or know of one .

Another idea is to add a section for art work / designers who work with related imagery as the music we cover, especially poster/ album artists/ designers. so we are looking for that as well.

So if you have favorite shows or you run a show that could be a candidate, we want to hear from you.