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NT NEWS - March 2019

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:48 pm
by Neon Transmissions
UPDATE ///CALL TO ACTION Neon Transmissions Collective is well on its way now. We have a working website with some new features coming soon live live video streaming and a forum . We will also be doing a floor and Video/ Radio Shows at 2 of our favorite festivals Waveteef Festival VI and Gothic POGO Festival XIV. Our new Facebook Page NEON Transmissions got over 500 likes in just few days thanks to you guys with all the reposting and inviting people !

In the upcoming month we will do our best to bring you more great music via video , radio and live at events. We hope to make one spot where you can find out about new band releases and tours too. Another big part of course is to give underground bands one place to send in their music for radio play.

We also started a brand new youtube page for Neon Transmissions and we have our first video up there :

Do you have any ideas or requests for us? we are ready and happy to hear from you !