Neon Transmissions at the WAVETEEF Festival

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Neon Transmissions
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Neon Transmissions at the WAVETEEF Festival

Post by Neon Transmissions » Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:35 pm

Neon Transmissions Collective first Collaboration at a festival! ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
All the member of NT shows will create an additional floor at the Waveteef Festival in Belgium.
Look for :
🤖🤖🤖Robots performance🤖🤖🤖
🤖Live set from one of our favorite bands Raderkraft🤖
and each Shows taking over the DJ controls to make you dance! One hour shows/sets from:
🤖🤖UNTER NULL Kollektiv🤖🤖
with DJs De Jan and Marcel Störmer
🤖🤖Mutant Transmissions Radio 🤖🤖
with DJ Polina Y
🤖🤖 Neon Decay🤖🤖
with DJs Kristiaan Horvers and Annemarie Esser
🤖🤖Too Many Creeps🤖🤖
with DJs: Maria Karssenberg and Camy
🤖🤖IN ULTRA VIOLET/ Young & Cold Records show🤖🤖
With Daniel Hallhuber
🎥All this will be broadcast via live video too! 🎥
Find us on the net:
Facebook: NEON Transmissions
▼•三•▼ Waveteef Festival Vi▼•三•▼
⚡⚡soundtrack to our video is from Raderkrafts upcoming new release from Die Blinden Records. Official Release will take place at this years Waveteef Festival VI!!⚡⚡
Join us at the Waveteef Festival
Main Stage Attractions include:
▼•三•▼ Bands ▼•三•▼

† F R I D A Y †

•三• Guerre froide (FR)
•▼• 89st & petra flurr (MEX/DE)
•三• Rue Oberkampf (DE)

† S A T U R D A Y †

•三• Fix & Fertig (DE)
•▼• Wonder Dark (BRA)
•三• Bragolin (NL)
•▼• Konstantin Unwohl (DE)

† S U N D A Y †

•三• Nina Belief (US)
•▼• Paradox Sequenz (DE)
•三• Marta Raya (DE)

▼•三•▼ dj's/ ▼•三•▼

•三• Reverend Esser (NL-Manifest)
•▼• DarkDevil (BE-DDF)
•三• Aimé Le Chevalier (BE-Walhalla Records)
•▼• Neonforce (DE-Young&Cold)
•三• Tracy Sputnik (MEX-Oddity)
•▼• Nick Mariano (US-Crispy Nuggets Blog)
•三• Mati Drome (BE-Drag Me To Hell)
•▼• Shockwave Dj-Team (DE-Shockwave)
•三• Mike (DE-Weird Science)
•▼• Sir Edward (BE-Waveteef)
•三• Mat Zwart (BE-Waveteef)
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